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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

1. The delivery date and time is chosen by Nextrade Philippines is only a mere approximation and our delivery may vary depending on the flow of the orders and the traffic. Rest assured, we always try to deliver as soon as possible. For any concerns, you may contact us at 84033888 or 09177030873.

2. Nextrade Philippines will contact the customer if there will be any delays/problems or anything related under the category of your orders and deliveries.

3. The customer needs to call/email Nextrade Philippines a day ahead if they need to reschedule their deliveries due to a valid reason.

4. Nextrade Philippines ensures all stocks delivered to the customers are secure and complete, if the items received are damaged or tampered you may call us as soon as possible so we can help you solve the issue.

5. Nextrade Philippines will notify the customer before we deliver the products for proper coordination.

Return & Exchange Policy

No returns and refunds unless the ordered products are out of stock. Other concerns are to be subjected to review by the Nextrade Philippines Management.

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